Epic Kayaks Costa Rica


(Up to 5 kayaks available).

While in Costa Rica, introduce yourself to a new type of fitness that is popular across the globe! This training depends on YOU! We will instruct novices on state of the art Epic Kayak Equipment while experts will have a chance to test their fitness level paddling the island of Cabo Blanco Reserve (Costa Rica's first National park) and beyond! See whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks, sea birds and various marine animals. Personal Coaching and Group training available - taught by a highly qualified E.K.E., Epic Kayak Expert/Surf Ski Instructor. Come learn all aspects of ocean ski paddling from technique training to ocean ski survival!
1.5-3 hours. Group pricing also available.

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Seeking to add a new challenge to your current fitness program?

Just beginning? Learn to train on an Epic Kayak, advancing your fitness level with every lesson! Choose from various types of trainings. Already an expert paddler? Improve your speed, techniques or learn to down wind paddle by taking part in one of our specialized training sessions.

Paddle in the pristine Pacific Ocean. Coached by a highly qualified E.K.E., Epic Kayak Expert/Surf Ski Instructor on state of the art ocean surf skis. Low impact, cross/strength training advancing your fitness level for all types of sports, including surfing.

  • Lessons, Novice to Expert
  • Personal and Group Coaching
  • Technique Clinics
  • Downwind Paddling
  • Flat water Training
  • Video Analysis
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Training includes state of the art ocean kayak/surf ski, full carbon fiber elite paddle and a performance “Astral Designs” lifejacket. Please remember to bring a hat, sunblock, sunglasses, bathing suit, long sleeve rash shirt (sun protective clothing) a towel and water. For all kayak/surf ski tours a damage deposit is required.


Loose yourself in paradise! Choose from the most spectacular accommodation in the area. From vast views of the Pacific Ocean to tranquil beach front settings you will be immersed in the lush jungle and surrounded by rare wildlife such as howler monkeys, firefly's, hummingbirds and various other bird species.

Paddle in the greatest playground of the world! The Pacific Ocean of Southern Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Teresa. Offering daily paddles to the National Park of Cabo Blanco island (18km round trip) or to Montezuma.
Cabo Blanco

The adventure minded can choose from a multitude of activities from surfing world-class surf spots to diving, horseback riding, ATV rental, zip lining, sport fishing and more. Or nurture your physical and spiritual balance in a luxury spa, or tropical yoga pavilion. Walk the national parks, private beaches and waterfalls or view the nesting turtles and take some time to open your mind and learn to speak Spanish!

Enjoy the organic food of the tropics. The southern Nicoya Peninsula hosts an eclectic range of luscious world wide cuisine! From the healthy traditional "Casado" to delicious super food smoothies, and fine french cuisine!

Let EPIC KAYAKS give you a health and wellness experience of a lifetime!

Costa Rica retreat description and accommodation options coming soon!

Training information will become available soon.

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