Epic Kayaks Costa Rica


A week with Dale is a life changing experience for a paddler. I was definitely not his usual student and really came to Dale with no Surfski experience at all, and a lot of bad habits I had developed in my Sea Kayak. It was a good test of his coaching. Dale is not just a great Surf ski coach he is a good life coach because for me improving my paddling meant improving a lot of other things in my life. He was extremely patient and rather than push me to do things I couldn't yet; he put me in environments where I was comfortable and could absorb the lessons my muscles needed to process to transition to a different kind of paddling. No matter where you meet him for Coaching he will take you where you are and build a better paddler. Never in a million years would I have just hopped in a surfski and figured out the things he taught me. In addition to all that he and his wife Melissa helped smooth the way so I had an amazing time in Costa Rica and never had a worry about the logistics of getting to a remote place in a foreign country. It was an experience of a lifetime; you should definitely schedule one too.

Tami Rose - Feb 2018

Jim and I had a fantastic time in Maui with Dale and Melissa. Paddling the Maliko Bay Run was an amazing experience for both of us. We both learned so much from Dale about wave catching, reading the ocean and enjoying the experience. For someone like me who tends to be pretty tentative out there in rough conditions, I was amazed at how comfortable I was in the back of the double with Dale. It was really fun and we both were able to practice what Dale had taught us when we got home. Aside from paddling though, we got to see so much of Maui thanks to Dale and Melissa showing us all their favourite spots. Thanks guys. Awesome!

Michele Parker - Feb 2018