Your professional ocean ski paddle instructor, Dale, has a lifetime of experience on the water; from surfing and paddling to running super-yachts. Originally from Australia, Dale has won world titles in surfing and has worked for Epic Kayaks since they launched in Australia over 15 years ago. Dale has a passion for the weather, tides as well as wind and checks them daily to select the best learning conditions for you! He is known for having a very personalized, informative and effective way of teaching. Please contact him personally with any questions you may have.

Melissa is in charge of Sales/Distribution and Retreat organization. She is a Kahuna massage therapist and a yoga therapist. Melissa has over 6 years of  experience working with luxury clientèle on Super-Yachts around the world. Please contact Melissa with any questions you may have by calling 506.8501.3680 (What’s app & Viber), or 808.283.4722 (June-August).

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